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Mr. von Bogdandy on Topic: Preparing and optimizing Inorganic Growth for Strategic Buyers

Mr. von Bogdandy

Mr. von Bogdandy is currently leading M&A for Slalom. Slalom is an international consulting firm with over 8000 employees, focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation. Mr. von Bogdandy’s professional focus is deal value realization of acquisitions by developing integration strategies and overseeing the execution of the integration. His experience spans over 20 years in M&A in various roles. Prior to his consulting career, Mr. von Bogdandy has worked as an employee of Cisco Systems and Symantec, driving multi-billion dollar acquisition integrations. Today, Mr. von Bogdandy is a frequent contributor at the M&A Academy and various online outlets.

Topic of the presentation: Preparing and optimizing Inorganic Growth for Strategic Buyers

This presentation explains an empirical framework, which has been developed together with key clients. The framework addresses nine core capabilities to enable rapid integrations of acquisitions and to drive deal value realization. This presentation will be most valuable for acquisitive organizations. It will address best practices in integration management as well as structural aspects of the organization most relevant for inorganic growth. We will also explore the role of Corporate Development, specifically when it comes to the integration and deal

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