about us

M&A Summit Africa is a platform that helps businesses, franchises and government agencies to connect with Investors/Buyers, Lenders and Advisors from various parts of the world to close deals.

Our Platform provides transaction infrastructure and promotion for Businesses Seeking Funds, Businesses Seeking Buyers, Businesses Selling Assets, Businesses Seeking Joint Ventures, Businesses Seeking Loans, Businesses Seeking Advisors, and Franchises on Sale to connect with Investors, buyers, lenders and Advisors.

Our Platform also features investment opportunities promoted by government Agencies with Projects Seeking Public Private Partnership, Projects Seeking Joint Venture, Projects Seeking Private Investment, Projects Seeking Public Investment, Projects Seeking Loans, Projects Under Procurement, Projects on Sale, Project Assets on Sale and Projects Seeking Advisors who use our transaction infrastructure and promotion to connect with Investors, buyers, lenders and Advisors.

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Government Agencies CEOs, Investors, Buyers, Lenders and Advisors from different parts of the world discover each other and connect almost instantly to pursue business and investment deals on our platform.

The Platform features a strong network of Advisors and Consultants who provide services in the fields of Fund-Raising, M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Securities, Tax, Wealth, Intellectual Property, and Investment including business valuation, information memorandum preparation, business plan preparation, collateral preparation, due diligence, legal documentation and so on and our members can contact any of them directly and seek advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

A “business profile” also called a “sell side profile” can be any of the following:

  • Business for sale
  • Business offering a stake sale
  • Business seeking capital
  • Business seeking a loan
  • Business seeking Joint Venture partners
  • Business asset for sale

All profiles on M&A Summit Africa are verified and hence we need to make sure that the business exists. Business’ name is not publicly disclosed on M&A Summit Africa. Registered Advisors need not enter their client’s name and instead, use their company’s name along with a project name.

  • Business owner
  • Management who is authorized by the business
  • Advisor who has a mandate from the business
  • Investor from current/previous round